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Nicole Pittet - English Version | DEC 2020

The year 2020 has been full of unknowns. What we thought was going to be the year of holidays landing on Saturday’s and a fresh start to a new decade turned out to be a scenario with more adjectives than anyone knew existed. However, one thing we do know and can articulate (as we dust the cob webs off of our keyboard) is the resounding love for Euro’s and the female car community.

So…it’s been a minute wouldn’t you say? The last blog post for VW Girls went live in January of 2017. Do you know what that means? It means that even though things are a bit wild these days there are still good and awesome things rising up and overcoming. As women in the automotive world, we know we have a place and I am happy that we have somewhere to share our thoughts, passions, and even trials. Yes, 2020 may be indescribable, but that won’t keep us from continuing to love our cars and the community. So, let’s hop back in the saddle and bring you a fresh entry for the VW Girls Blog archives.

Our current featured VW Girl goes by the name Nicole Pittet. She was born and raised in Calgary AB, and works as an Ophthalmologist’s Physician Assistant. She also runs her own esthetic business, Rouge Beauty, outside of her full-time job. In her younger years, her interest in cars grew with the arrival of The Fast and the Furious series and seeing female characters involved in the car community. “I mean…which girl hasn't adored Suki or Letty and wanted to be like them?”- N.P.. While her parents weren’t into cars as much as she is now, there is still some interesting car history in her family- her dad owned a limited edition 1987 Toyota Supra and her grandmother owned a 1975 Chevy Corvette.

When it came time to purchase her first car, she had a pretty good idea what direction she was leaning towards. “I have always favored European cars so naturally I had an idea of what I was hunting for. When shopping for my first car I had to keep within a budget. Volkswagen has a great reputation that also met my expectation of luxury at a great price.” – N.P. Eventually she decided on a MK7 Golf and even though it wasn’t the fastest it still handled like a go cart. Once it was modded with window tint, wheels, and exhaust, she took it to her first show and shine event where she met her now best friend, Erin, who over the years has been a positive influence by giving her advice and tips along her car journey. Over time, however, her love for the Golf was overshadowed with a desire for something more luxurious and with all-wheel drive. She knew she wasn’t ready to leave the Volkswagen family so when the opportunity to buy her 2013 Audi A4 Quattro came along she chose it. “The Audi was still in the category of VW which I didn't quite feel comfortable leaving yet and with the group of my friends owning European as well, I was the only one to have an Audi. I do enjoy being different from the pack.”- N.P.

Being the only Audi in her group of friends isn’t the only thing that makes it different. Her favorite and most noticeable mod is the 3M Satin Key West vinyl wrap whose vibrant character sits on 19” satin black Rotiform BLQ’s. The smoked red taillights pop against the color as well while the gloss black accents provide a sleek contrast. The color brings attention from many she says, “I love seeing kids yell to their parents that they love my car or group of boys break their neck when I drive by. I have had guys point and say to their buddies ‘Look! A chick is driving that car!’, which is the goal for a reaction from any male.” The influence for the color of wrap comes from her boyfriend’s truck, which is also wrapped in the Key West vinyl. Seeing it every day caused her to fall in love with the Tiffany blue color, and it’s only fitting that they worked together to install it.

Aside from the awesome exterior color change, the car also boasts a RS4 honeycomb grille, gloss black Audi emblems, tinted windows, and a custom 3” mandrel bent stainless exhaust with Magnaflow tips. The interior pulls some of the exterior color detail in with matching 3M Satin Key West bezels and holds an audio upgrade with a Kicker 10” comp VR subwoofer with Kicker 500W monoblock amplifier in a custom enclosure. No enthusiast’s car is ever really finished, of course, and this crazy year may have put a damper on some of her plans, but she plans to include a custom starlight headliner, install air ride, and have a custom trunk setup for next season. We can visualize just how awesome that will be!

This year may have landed the majority of us in the same modification halt as Nicole, but that doesn’t change the passion associated with what we do. As women in this hobby we all have a personal attachment to our cars and have lived our automotive journey’s through our experiences and lasting friendships. It’s now more important than ever to continue to support each other and stay connected. More and more female enthusiasts pop up on social media daily and it gives rise to inspiration and camaraderie in what we enjoy even IF we are still a bit outnumbered. Nicole enjoys being a part of the car community and says that, “Finding a group like VW Girls has made me feel comfortable in the skin I am in and that it's okay to be different.” Her advice for other girls in the car community and their builds is simple and exact. “Let's face it. Girls aren't usually taken seriously so don't let the boys get to you. One of the biggest issues in the car community is the boys undermining us. Be proud of what you build whether it be big or small and show them we are someone they don't want to mess around with.” We couldn’t agree more, Nicole!

Thanks for taking the time to share your story and progress with us, Nicole, and thank you for being a guiding light in this hobby. We all can use encouragement from time to time and we love that we have a group determined to offer that for its members. You can keep up with Nicole and her Audi on IG by following @tiffanyblue_a4, and don’t forget to follow the Official VW Girls Facebook page and IG for updates and current events.

Audi Details

Year: 2013

Make: Audi

Model: A4 Quattro

Wheels and Tires:

19" Rotiform BLQ in Satin Black

GoodRide SA07 96W XLTire 255/35/19

Interior Mods:

Color matched Satin Key West Bezels

Kicker 10" comp VR subwoofer with Kicker 500W monoblock amplifier and custom enclosure

Exterior Mods:

3M Satin Key West Vinyl Wrap

Custom 3" mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust with Magnaflow tips

RS4 honeycomb grille

Gloss black Audi emblems

Tinted Windows

Smoked taillights

Shout Outs!

- My boyfriend, Jessy Peoples, who helped my impatient butt wrap my car. I know it wasn't the most ideal situation and the weather was brutally cold but we managed to get her done. Thank you for everything you do for me when it comes to my car and being by my side. To many more hours being spent in the garage and making memories that will last a life time.

- To my grandma, Barb Frayne, who has been more of a mother to me and has supported everything and every penny I have spent on my car. I appreciate you being so positive with my hobby and letting me express my voice through my car.

Words By: Tara Evans

Photography By: @lowjoballiance

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