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Bianca Rose Giliberti | September 2021

I would like to present you Bianca Rose Giliberti, member #1621. She’s from east Brunswick, New Jersey and currently living in Spotswood. Bianca is a full-time dog groomer working at PetSmart in north Brunswick, NJ. She works over 40hrs a week and grooms an average of 25-30 dogs a week. “I love every second of it”.

“I’ve always loved cars. My poppy worked on Mac trucks, but Volkswagen just stole my heart.” Bianca always hanged out with her older sister and her friends who all drove Volkswagens and Audi. “I was being directed in the right direction LOL. I went to h2Oi in Ocean City, Maryland, when I was 13. It was just amazing. I have love for every make and model”.

Bianca always knew she wanted a MK1. One day, she was driving down a street in her town and a local junk yard had a Volkswagen Cabriolet 1993. She was just a freshman in high school and with no permit yet, but she convinced her parents to pull over to look at it. The next day, she cashed all her bonds and took all her saving to buy that Cabrio. “I taught myself how to drive manual in that car and I loved it”!

She now owns a MK4 Golf GTI. She has run into A LOT of challenges with it. “I drove it through too deep of a puddle a few months after buying it and hydro locked it”. The pistons were bent sideways. “Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend and we went to buy a new motor. We pulled the hydro locked one apart. We rebuilt it, put a bigger turbo, re timed it and them boom timing was off. Pulled the motor again, bent a few valves, fixed them, slapped it back together and now she’s a killer”! She sent her GTI to a tuner shop in Connecticut to get it tuned. Once she got her GTI back, she sent it to another shop and got it wrapped satin rose gold. She tried modifying the interior, but she’s not satisfied with results. She has decided that she will redo the interior later.

Bianca, if you could only pick one, what is your favorite modification or detail? “My hand pained valve cover and wrap or maybe my sound system. Ughhh I can’t answer that. Haha!”

Who inspired you or influenced you in the car scene? “My boyfriend Jeffrey was 100% a huge influence and help through all. Without him, the car wouldn’t be here. He means the world to me, and I couldn’t thank him enough for helping me build my dream MK4. I don’t really consider myself part of the “scene”. I try to stay away from it especially where I’m from, it’s very toxic and everyone is judgmental. I stick to myself and do what makes ME happy.”

Would you like to give a shoutout to anyone? “All day shout outs to my boyfriend Jeffrey Marchesi. He builds monsters and he looks good while doing it. Haha!”

Car info:

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf GTI

Year: 2001

Wheels: 18’s Rotiform BLQ

Suspension: Raceland Ultimos

Exterior Modifications: Satin rose gold and satin black wrap with an aggressive boser hood

Interior Modifications: Completely wrapped in velvet

Thanks for taking the time to share your story and progress with us, Bianca, and thank you for being a guiding light in this hobby. We all can use some encouragement from time to time and we love that we have a group determined to offer that for its members. You can keep up with Bianca and her MK4 by following them on IG @mk4.biancaa and don’t forget to follow the Official VW Girls Facebook page and IG @VWGIRLS for updates and current events!

Written by: Chikoune Emilie

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