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Ashley Ruby | January 2022

Hey VWGIRLS Followers,

Happy 2022! Here's our first blog of the year.

I want to introduce Ashley Ruby. Ashley is from South Central Pennsylvania. She is a full time stay at home mom to her 3 children, she is also a full-time student studying medical coding. Growing up in a garage Ashley spent time with her dad. Her dad was a drag racer, her brothers ran go carts and her cousins ran sprint cars. Together they were always at some sort of track or fixing one of many cars in the garage. As she grew, she started to like her own car stuff. Of course, Euros caught her eye and many years later here she is.

When Ashley was younger, she owned a MK3 Jetta that was not modified. Now she is married to a man who also is a VW enthusiast, and she now drives “Baby.” Baby is a 2013 Jetta GLI, she has had her for about a year and a half. Baby was kept stock for the first 6 months she owned her, but after those 6 months the modifications started. Her first mod was deleting the muffler and resonator, she loves the rumbles Baby makes now. About a week after that first mod, she had her tuned-on the Unitronic platform, she is wrapped in KPMF Aurora pearl vinyl. She sat on H&R super sport springs and Enkei wheels. She decided she wasn’t sitting low enough so she had switched out H&R to Raceland Primo coilovers, and shortly after that she changed her wheels to BLQ’s. She’s also had some little mods done like adding a wing, vland tail lights, and an intake. When she chooses her mods, she chooses them but what fits her and her personality like the bubbly pink tint in her wrap.

Sometime in the future she wants to rewrap Baby and go stage 2, she's also thinking about getting bags too. Her favorite mod is her Rotiform BLQs. She believes they are the nicest wheels out on the market. She searched high and low for them. She is also pretty biased on her wrap too!

Ashley made all decisions on her mods on her own, but of course she asked for her friend's opinions but in the end, it is what she wanted. She made the car what it is, and she couldn’t be happier.

Ashley says being a female car enthusiast is both fun and intimidating. In her area of PA, female enthusiast are judged harder than guys. Her favorite part of being part of the community are the friends she met along the way, and some of those friends have become family to her.

The best advice she can give is “do what you want and not what others want you to do. It's your car, not theirs. As long as you’re happy with what you've accomplished, that’s all that matters.”

Car Facts

Year: 2013

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Jetta GLI

Wheels and tires: Rotiform BLQ

Suspension: Raceland Primo coilovers

Interior Mods (If any): None

Exterior Mods (If any): Aftermarket wing, Aurora pearl wrap, Vland taillights

Thanks for taking the time to share your story and progress with us, Ashley and thank you for being a guiding light in this hobby. We all can use some encouragement from time to time and we love that we have a group determined to offer that for its members. You can keep up with Ashley and her MK6 by following them on IG @mk6_ashleyyyy and don’t forget to follow the Official VW Girls Facebook page and IG @VWGIRLS for updates and current events!

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