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Amanda Bryan | March 2016 VWGIRL

Amanda Bryan - Member #45

Have you ever started a journey with the intent of moving on to bigger and better things, but you weren’t quite sure how or exactly when? You may have had an idea of what you wanted, but the plan of attack had yet to be secured. In most cases, car enthusiasts go through similar emotions whether it’s with their first car or their tenth build. The journey can be harsh or a bit insane, but looking the traveled road over can leave one with a sense of appreciation for how things panned out along the way.

It has been no different for twenty-two year old Amanda Bryan from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and her her 2001 Candy White 1.8T Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. Let’s back up a few years to the start of Amanda’s journey. At the age of eighteen and right out of high school, she began working part time at an ice cream shop, which put her in desperate need of a car. With desperate times come desperate measures, and a 1997 Chevy Malibu her father found for a mere $400 became her first car. Now, we all remember what it was like to get our first set of wheels, but we also know what it’s like to drive something we just do not connect with or love. The Malibu’s fate had been pre-destined as Amanda decided early on that it didn’t suit her well. On November 19, 2012, she took the money she had been saving combined with the money from selling the Malibu and she purchased a completely stock 2001 1.8t Jetta. Although her reasoning behind why she chose to buy a Jetta, she admits, was a little different, one can’t help but see that her journey started and has worked out exactly how it was supposed too. With the help of her boyfriend, Ismael (Izzy), and seeing builds of modded cars on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, she began to realize how much potential her little Jetta really had. It wasn’t long before the car became less of a way to get her from point A to point B, and instead became a hobby and creative outlet that she has enjoyed showing at events all over.

The inspiration for her Jetta hasn’t necessarily come from one specific person or thing. It is a masterpiece of all the things she appreciates in the VW community- from the people she has met to the events she has attended. She has really taken it all in and made her car her own down to the details. On the outside, the car boasts a set of 18" 3 piece Fifteen52 Mullets with gold hardware wrapped in Nitto Neo Gens. The rear fender arches sit just right between the lip and tire with the help of IDF control arms and Airlift Performance bags with V2 management. The OEM GLI trim kit evens the lower profile of the car out and the HID headlights give the front end an extremely clean look. The custom red headliner, pillars, and trunk deck do well to present another level of detail found inside the car. The seats have been swapped for MK4 R32 Koenig’s, the dash is graced with a white “Royal Halo” Grip Royal steering wheel that sits atop a NRG hub and quick release, while the Cipher harness bar with NRG harnesses pop off a subtle motorsport look. In the bay, you’ll find she has done a SAI/EVAP delete, a 42 Draft Design catch can w/ silicone hose upgrade, ignition coils (red) upgrade, a Forge 007 splitter valve, a Forge silicone coolant hose upgrade (red), a Black Forest Industries Stage 1 dog bone mount, and a 42 Draft Design 3" Turbo back exhaust that rounds everything out. She says it’s hard to choose just one modification that she loves more than the rest, but if she had too, it would be the air suspension. “There’s just something about seeing your car on the floor that just warms the heart.” (We AGREE!)

So, what on earth could be next up for this Jetta? “Oh boy, what’s not to be done!?”, she exclaims. “I would REALLY love a new paint job. Too bad my bank account says otherwise. Ha. Besides that, I might just get a tune here shortly and change my trunk set up. But I’ve been saying that for a while now. So at this point who knows what’s next.” Even through the triumphs and challenges that have come with owning and modding a VW, she has stayed true to having fun along the journey, which is a large part of why she has continued to enjoy her Jetta. In her eyes, every build should have this same motto: “Do it the right way or don’t do it at all! No matter how frustrated or tired you become, whatever you do, do it right and with all your effort. In the end you’ll look back and feel proud of your hard work and it’s such a great feeling.” And although this hobby is very much about the machines, it’s also about the people behind them. She is grateful for the VW community as a whole, but she has something more specific to say about sharing the same interests with other girls in the community. “It’s a pleasure being a VW Girl. As a female enthusiast in the automotive community, I am so thankful for the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the support just because of one simple common interest. The VW Girls community is awesome. Everyone is there to help. No one tries to shove things in your face or bring up any negativity. I enjoy checking in on FB, seeing the girls post updates on their cars, and helping out with questions and advice.” That is exactly what the journey should be all about- being able to find a common interest, create, grow and support others along the way.

We want to thank Amanda for being a part of the VW Girls community and for taking the time to work with us. If you’re in the Savannah, GA area for The European Experience in May, make sure to keep an eye for her Candy White Jetta. To keep up with her journey on IG, follow @MANDAXXMOOSE. And don’t for get to keep an eye out for member updates and happenings with VW Girls on Facebook and IG.

Dub Details:

Year: 2001

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Jetta 1.8t Wolfsburg Edition

Wheels and Tires: Fifteen52 / Nitto Neo Gen

Suspension: Airlift Performance V2

Performance Mods:

-Drilled and slotted rotors

-Forge 007 splitter valve

-42 Draft Design catch can w/ silicone hose upgrade

-SAI/EVAP delete

-Upgraded ignition coils (red)

-42 Draft Design 3" Turbo back exhaust

-Forge silicone coolant hose upgrade (red)

- Black Forest Industries Stage 1 Dog bone mount

Interior Mods:

-Custom headliner, pillars, trunk deck

-MK4 R32 Koenig seats swap

-Cipher harness bar

-NRG harnesses

-Grip Royal "Royal Halo" steering wheel

-NRG hub adaptor

-NRG 3.0 quick release (red)

-New South Performance boost gauge

-LED interior lights swap

-Custom trunk lining to match interior

-Grey wood flooring

-Half hidden tank

Exterior Mods:

-IDF control arms

-Full OEM GLI trim kit

-6000k Dual Filament HID kit

-Hood bra

-Stubby antenna

Shout Outs!!!

“Shout out to VW Girls for reaching out to me and providing the opportunity to share my story and thank you for all the hard work put in for us girls that makes this group as wonderful as it is.

Also a tremendous thank you to my other half, Izzy, for all of his time and effort helping me. I know I don’t say it as much as I should. Without him who knows what car I would have right now. haha. Although, both of our cars went in opposite directions from the start and were always completely different. I cannot pinpoint any specific influence. Everything done to my car was done because it’s what I liked and wanted.”

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