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JOIN VWGIRLS | Read carefully



We are more than happy that you are showing interest in becoming part of this amazing movement. VWGIRLS is not like any other crew. We take your dedication and passion very seriously. If you are only here to get featured or gain more popularity (followers, likes), you are in the wrong place since VWGIRLS is not about that (we do not want fame seekers). If you fill out the application, you are willing to represent us with pride. If you are not willing to accept the fact that it may take a while for you to get posted on social media pages, please resign. VWGIRLS is more than just a social media platform, we are a family. Each girls in our crew is respected and offered a variety of advantages. When you sign up, we have in mind that you want to be in our club actively and want to represent us. 

To become a member of VWGIRLS, you have to fill out the Membership Admission Form document attached to this message. FR: Si vous êtes Française, s'il vous plaît demandez qu'on vous renvoie le formulaire d'admission en français. 


  • MEMBERS WITH NO MODIFICATIONS : To be part of VWGIRLS, you do not need to have a modified Volkswagen or Audi. This organisation was created to bring all the women with a passion for Volkswagen and Audi together. However, we only feature (on our social media pages) girls who have a MINIMUM of modifications. We will not be posting stock Volkswagen or Audi, since everyone already know what it looks like. This does not change the fact that you will get a member ID and have access to all advantages Premium members have (Premium members are the ones with modified cars). Once you do modify your car, you can always "update" your file and become a Premium member (+get featured). The only difference between you and a Premium member is car exposure. 


  • PREMIUM MEMBERS: Not only do we prone passion for Volkswagen and Audi, but also the passion for modifying cars. PREMIUM members are the girls with minimum (wheels or lowered suspension) to highly modified VWs & Audis. The only "plus" is car exposure on our social media pages and your attendance to car shows. Everyone can become a premium member once they update their file. 



The membership admission form contains all of the information we will need to feature you such as your car information and your personal information for you to become an official member of VWGIRLS. It will be saved in our database and will be kept private. In addition to that, the form also explains to you who we are and what advantages you have by being part of VWGIRLS. 



When you reply to this message, do not forget your picture collage. Your pictures do not have to be taken professionally, only with a phone or normal camera. Though, we do not accept pictures that have been Photoshopped (lowering it more or whatsoever, making it a fake modification). You can use for creating a collage that is preferably square or you can use any other collage creator. Obviously, do not forget your filled out admission form. 


About a week or two after your reply, you will receive your membership confirmation and your Member ID. 



Each member of VWGIRLS has an ID. It is used to represent you and to easily identify you. When you send us an e-mail, you will identify yourself with your member ID and obviously your name, so we can go ahead and pull out all of the information needed in your file to complete your request.


*** Note that we receive almost 20 new members request per day. We will make our best to answer you, give you your member ID and post you as soon as we can (can take weeks). Again, if you only want to get featured, you are in the wrong place. We post everyone on Facebook first, then we limit ourselves to 4-5 new members each post on Instagram to avoid spamming everyone's feed. 



If you have any questions, please let us know!


Thank you again for your interest on becoming part of VWGIRLS. We are looking forward to have you with us !



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