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January 28, 2017


Imagine standing at the front entrance to your favorite theme park, or maybe one that you’ve dreamed of going to since you were a kid. You feel a sense of excitement and the buzz that causes the hair on your skin to stand up. It’s electric- that moment when you’re about to enter through the gates and BAM! It seems as if a whole new world has opened up and you’ve got a million choices and directions to choose from. Now, imagine the greatest theme park on earth when it comes to the likes of an automobile enthusiast; a park full of cars, motorcycles, lifted trucks you can walk under with insane fabrication, manufacturer’s with new products to showcase, car b...

September 7, 2016


A lot of us have seemingly fallen into the automotive lifestyle either on purpose or by pure accident. No matter how one gets started, we all tend to share one large umbrella. For those living the enthusiast lifestyle, it could be a chance at recreating a past love of a family member, or a chance at creating a vision of their own. It could also mean being a part of something bigger where they feel comfortable and encouraged to be themselves. For Tracy Arkuszynski, a full time records information management supervisor for a property management company and Scentsy consultant, she feels that “being a VW Girl is more than just being in a club. It’s an amazing...

March 27, 2016


Amanda Bryan - Member #45 


Have you ever started a journey with the intent of moving on to bigger and better things, but you weren’t quite sure how or exactly when? You may have had an idea of what you wanted, but the plan of attack had yet to be secured. In most cases, car enthusiasts go through similar emotions whether it’s with their first car or their tenth build. The journey can be harsh or a bit insane, but looking the traveled road over can leave one with a sense of appreciation for how things panned out along the way.


 It has been no different for twenty-two year old Amanda Bryan from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and her her 2001 Candy White 1.8T Jet...

February 11, 2016



Have you ever been a part of something for so long that if it were to cease it would leave a giant hole in your being, or quite possibly change the balance and enthusiasm of your life? When I think about the last twelve or so years, I realize that a lot of my existence revolves around VW’s. A person having only known me for a few days, or even someone happening upon my Instagram or Facebook account would see that my life thoroughly is, and without shame, about cars. And not just the machines, but the community, the people, the industry, and the events. As I am writing this, I can only begin to wonder how difficult it would be for me not to be involved in...