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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

VWGIRLS came up with some frequently asked questions. Here are our answers. If you have furthur questions please go to CONTACT and ask us anything. We will be more than happy to assist you. Note that it can take up to 72 hours to receive an answer. 


How can I become a member?

To become a member of VWGIRLS you have to e-mail us at and fill out the admission form we will send you. Then, you will send it back to us with your picture collage. Once you are admitted as an official member of VWGIRLS, you will receive your member ID and some basic information. 


Can anyone become a member of VWGIRLS? 

The only thing required to become a member of VWGIRLS is to be a 16y/o + female owning a VW or Audi. To be posted on our social media platform, you have to have a minimum of modifications done to your car. If you have a stock cars, you can still become a member and benefit from the advantages that VWGIRLS offers, but will not be featured on Instagram/Facebook. Why? Because we try to limit ourselves with show car worthy VWs/Audis for our public and we all already know what a stock VW or Audi looks like.


What is the difference between a member of VWGIRLS, a premium member of VWGIRLS and a VIP member of VWGIRLS?

As told in our FAQ #2, we have stock cars and modified cars. The members with stocks cars will not have a title of premium or VIP members since their car is stock. The girls with a minimum of modifications done to their car will have the Premium status. The girls with a LARGE amount of modifications will have the VIP status and will be specially chosen by the admins. The ''title'' is to identify our 3 different sections, making it easier to chose our booth cars and show cars for Events. With that said, your member title does not bring your more or less advantages. All the members of VWGIRLS have the same benefits. Note that you can update your file at any time and be promoted to a new title. 


Online Store: How long does shipping take? 

It will depend on the items you have ordered. If your item is on PREORDER, you will have to wait until the preorder si over then 3-4 weeks of shipping. If you have ordered an item we have in stock, it can take from 4 to 6 weeks. 

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